Tantra - Yin Yang Gazing

Posted on July 3rd, 2013

Book notes from: Tantric Sex by Kavida Rei (Amazon.com)

This is a beautiful meditation to perform before lovemaking. You can retain your yin vision while you make love. In doing so, you will allow your partner to expand into his or her full beauty and magnificence. Yin yang gazing is a way of seeing into the Buddha nature of each other—loving, quietly powerful, and infinitely wise. 

  1. Sit opposite each other, as close as you can get with enough light to be able to see your partner’s face clearly. 

  2. Let your eyes wander naturally across the face of your partner, taking in all the details of skin, colors, and features. on how it feels to be looked into in this intense way. Both partners are in fact “receiving” the intense gaze at the same time, but don’t let this distract you. 

  3. Look at your partner’s hair, neck, and ears. Allow the movement of your eyes to be free and spontaneous. 

  4. Notice how your mind has something to say about almost everything your eyes fall upon. Don’t try to hold onto these opinions - allow them to drift away as your gaze moves to the next feature, and let your thoughts follow their natural pattern without effort. Do this for five minutes. Notice how you see beauty, and how your partner transforms before you.

  5. Close your eyes and rest for a few minutes.

  6. Open your eyes again, and this time “soften” your eyes. Allow your partner to gaze into you. Receive his or her look, and let them penetrate you with their gaze. Concentrate

  7. After five minutes, close your eyes and rest again. 

  8. Open your eyes and let them rest upon a point somewhere between your two faces. You will probably find yourself sinking into a deeply meditative state. Rest in the peace for a few minutes until you become alert again.

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