How to Deal with Productivity, Multitasking and Burnout

Posted on June 8th, 2013

EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with returning guest Ivan Staroversky in a dialogue about productivity, multitasking, burnout and balance.

Topics covered in this episode

1. Addressing our societal obsession with productivity and multitasking (2:23)

  • how to differentiate between productivity and activity
  • how to address time management
  • the illusions of productivity
  • the role of self discipline in the

2. Addressing consequences of going against our physiology and natural rhythms (7:00)

  • understanding the circadian rhythm
  • understanding the infradian rhythm
  • understanding the ultradian rhythm

3. What signals to look for to get back into balance of our ultradian rhythm (11:30)

  • common signals are mentioned and explained
  • why multitasking fails
  • acting on our signals rather than ignoring them
  • ultradian stress syndrome
  • pitfalls of external stimulant use

4. Risks and consequences for the modern student during academic studies (18:40)

  • tips for high school, college, university students

5. Solutions and the new paradigm for productivity (19:45)

  • moving away from time management
  • moving towards self management
  • moving away from marathon mentality into sprinting mentality

6. The role of mindfulness in balancing and optimizing productivity (22:12)

  • awareness of the present moment
  • physical, emotional and intellectual awareness
  • active mindfulness and body scanning
  • what to do during breaks

7. Addressing Solutions: How to make your breaks productive (25:35)

  • the paradigm shift of time wasted versus time gained during breaks
  • how long breaks should last
  • how to work with the body to re-balance oneself
  • shifting away from self-discipline
  • shifting towards use of external systems
  • the pitfalls of the weekday versus weekend routine

8. Final, practical tips for healthy and balanced productivity (32:20)

  • attention-restoration theory
  • the role of nature
  • the importance of regular break scheduling

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