CreativeLive - Launching an Online Business - Session 3 Summary Notes

Posted on December 2nd, 2012

Launching an Online Business - Lewis Howes

CreativeLive Launching an Online Business - Session 3 - 2012-12-02

“Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” -  by Vince Lombardi

Automating your Business

Speaker: James Wedmore

  • How to find the perfect team and automate your business for $2/hr
  • Keeping up with what works is a full lime job
  • Implementing what works is another full time job
  • Start-Up Entrepreneurs have to wear several hats and learn multiples skills

About Outsourcing

  • Definition : A system: a set of connected things or parts forming a complex while, in a particular
  • Methodical process that provides a specific result or outcome in your business
  • Systems can help you to remove you form the process as much as possible
  • Learn how to let go and how to delegate because there are people who ca do what you do better and for less money
  • People often don’t value their time

The Five W’s of Outsourcing

1. Why to Outsource

  • You can’t do it all yourself
  • If you think you can’t outsource, it’s because you haven’t been outsourcing
  • It’s not about outsourcing, it’s about letting go

2. When to Outsource

3 Types of Tasks:

  • What you Love doing - outsource it
  • What bring in the REAL money - do more of this
  • What you DESPISE doing - outsource it

3. What to Outsource

  • What are things that DRAIN you in your business?
  • Focus on the stuff that makes you monte and outsource the source you hate.
  • What are the things that make you money
  • Some systems need people and some need software

What can be outsourced:

  • Anything technical
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • SEO (Video SEO)
  • Blog management
  • Transcriptions
  • Membership site creation/management
  • Social media management
  • Research-all types (keywords)
  • Customer service
  • Administrative stuff

Your videos have to have temples: what the videos is about, the benefit, content, and the closing part.

You can’t learn everything (strategy, system, tactics). Find what works and just do it rather than jump from one system to another.

Figure out what works best for you and eliminate other trap that wastes your time and energy.

4. Where to Outsource

  • The Philippines. Virtual assistant/data entry $60-80/week
  • If you have a miscommunication problem, you have to train them and look for them
  • - Task-Specific Outsourcers

5. Who to Outsource

  • For filipino virtual assistant - energy, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to learn
  • Task-Specific Outsourcers: skills/experience, previous work, past ratings/reviews

6. How  o Outsource

  1. Identify What you Need to “Let Go”
  2. Submit a Job Post ( or      - a. Job Post - Keynote Magician Need      - b. Job Description - I need to have 100 slides and see proof of your work      - c. Interview Applicants via Email and Skype
  3. Hire (on a probationary period): give a few test assignments/ job and see how well they can achieve what you want
  4. Resource - Virtual Staff Finder
  5. Train them - give them educational material or tell them what to do

Essential Outsourcing Tools

Quick Tips

  1. Avoid the “Missing VA” Syndrome (VA disappears).

     - This often happens because you haven’t taken care of them or something happened in their life.      - People form Philippines don’t know how to say know.      - “You take care of me, and I will take care of you”.      - Make sure you ask them how they are doing and if they need any help.

  1. Keep a Password Log-in Document

     - They have to earn your trust first      - You can use Google docs to keep track of password in your documents      - Give your VA a 7 day probation period

  1. Daily reports

     - Require that they send you a daily progress report

  1. Friday, Payday Reminders

  2. Document New Assignments

  3. Have your assistants go through training courses

  4. Don’t Micro-Manage - Share Your Big Vision

  5. Create an Orientation Video Document

Additional Tips

  • Outsourcing to Philippines is recommend over outsourcing to India
  • Give your VA a little test assignment to test
  • You are looking to see if they are understanding what you require

# Facebook Marketing

Speaker: Amy Porterfield - Social Media Strategy Consultant

Finding leads on Facebook

  • Have a Facebook Profile + Facebook Profile
  • Profile + Page = double exposure
  • Facebook is a great place to collect leads
  • Convert fans into leads
  • Have a custom app on your Facebook page for opt-in or a feature box
  • Example Heio Facebook App
  • Outsource this creation process so that you don’t waste your time
  • Attract Fans
  • Grow your the list
  • Turn fans int customers

Facebook Ads

  • Only focus on the ads that will make you money
  • Sponsored stories: easiest to set up + get you more likes
  • Like statements ads: Click like if “you want to”
  • Promoted Posts: Pay to be seen more by fans and friend of fans
  • Page post Ads: The “most social” type of ad
  • Facebook offers: For inline and offline products and service
  • Mobile-only Ads: Only in the News Feed

# Marketing Your Products and Services - 7 Step Webinar System

How to Run an effective webinar that converts

  • Before the call: The meet & Greet
  • 0-5 min: The Welcome
  • 5-15 min: Your story
  • 14-45 min: Content
  • 45-60 min: The Pitch
  • 60-75 min: Question & Answers
  • 75 Minutes: Final thoughts

1. The Meet & Greet

  • You want to get people warmed up and excited about what you are going to be taking about
  • Welcome Attendees (Thank you for coming here)
  • Check Levels: audio and video
  • Request social sharing
  • Always begin on time
  • Have the first screen of the webinar already showing
  • At the bottom the first screen - ask to “please share via Twitter & Facebook”
  • Social sharing gets you extra people
  • In the beginning you can share a small personal story or play music
  • Be playful and friendly

2. The Welcome

  • a. Into (Pre-Framing): We are about to get started, it is going to be amazing

     - Once you start, welcome everyone, here is what we are covering today, make sure that everyone can hear you again, let me know where you are in the world      - If you are bringing a guest, reiterate how great the guest is      - Share their vision and the value that they are about to bring

  • b. Agenda

     - Let people know what is going to be happening next      - Always have the end in mind first      - This way you will be able to keep people hooked      - We are going to learn the 5 things      - I am going to tell you my 5 step process      - Then I am going to show you how to do this      - I am going to go to QA      - I am going to share the biggest secret how…      - You can have some kind of bonus to give away at the end

3. Your Story

  • a. Social proof: you have to tell your story

     - Why are you the expert?      - For people who don’t know you, they need to relate to you      - The struggle you had      - Expect to get bad comments from people who will rush you to get to the point      - A number of people will only want to her the free secret      - Share your story - why, how, what      - Show the emotional reasons - why      - Sharing the why can help people to connect with you on an emotional level      - People are more likely to trust you this way      - You want to make people see, hear, and feel      - Your webinar is a performance and an experience for other people      - If you have any meaningful media logos, show it to people

  • b. The solution

     - What you learned      - Give them the solution

4. The Content

  • a. Market Data

     - Facts, data, or research

  • b. Case studies

     - Backup your solutions      - This helps you t connect with people on emotional and logical level

  • c. Teach the WHAT

     - Specific steps      - Give people enough meat to get them excited      - Show people what to do and the you can sell them the “HOW”

  • d. Give Action Items

     - What can people do right now (few simple steps) to see results      - See, hear, or feel results      - People can find many solutions on YouTube      - But people also want an experience

5. The Close

  • a. Introduce a solution (your product)
  • b. Product Benefits

  • c. Testimonials

     - Have one that frets different audience in your webinar      - Provide different examples: small and big business      - Address potential objections about time, money, skill…      - Testimonials talk about the biggest questions or concerns

  • d. Guarantee

     - Stand behind your product      - 30 days or 60 days guarantee      - 100% money back guarantee      - You want to make people happy      - Refunds will happen, this is normal

  • e. Call to Action

     - Build an anticipation      - Wait until the very end      - Offer the price      - It costs $X to flight in for a seminar but right now I am offering this product for the next 3 days

  • f. Fast action bonus      - If you buy my product right now, you will get an additional bonus      - Give a bonus, incentive, or a discount that is additional to the product      - People have to know WHY they need to get it now      - Normally it is $99/month but for now you can get it for $30/month      - Give an additional bonus that they cannot get anywhere else


  • Voice tonality - you have to learn how to convince people to buy now without being needy.
  • Sometimes you have to be firm and to the point why they need to buy your product. Either go and do it yourself or get the product and take action.
  • You can either try and do it yourself or sign up for the program and go step by step through our system and you will see how to do X, Y, and Z, and get results.
  • Remember, you don’t want to be “salesy”, you want to be confident and genuine.
  • Know that if you have a quality product, you are doing people a disservice by not selling it to them.
  • Having someone to help introduce you and close the webinar can be helpful.
  • Closings a sale is an art form that you have to learn.

6 Questions & Answers

  • a. Highlight the benefits of the Product

  • b. Congratulate Buyers

     - It is important to congratulate fast action takers      - You can do this while you are doing the live seminar      - You can list a few names and go to the next question      - “We just had two more sales”      - Congratulate the buyers and keep answering questions      - Q/A is one of the most important parts      - Q/A is something that you want to keep going longer      - Every answer is an answer to an objection that highlights the benefit of a product      - People want to hear that you understand them      - You can have 2 pays: $50 this month and $50 next month

7. Final Thoughts & Goodbyes

  • a. Give a DIna; “Action Item” (Do it now)           - I am glad that those who took action are seeing results      - Thank you so much and have a great day      - We want to hear your feedback, please click here and let me know how you liked the webinar      - Let us know what is the best thing that you liked about this presentation      - It helps to have someone ask & read the questions for you

  • b. It is also important to have a follow up system

     - Some people may not be able to to action with the next 60 minutes after the webinar      - You can send an email reminder about the product      - You can do a 24 hour or 7 day follow-up      - You can have a live replay of the webinar but people have to register again      - People have to have some kind of call to action

You have to believe in your product

Webinar Time

  • The best time to do a webinar throughout the week is anytime your audience is ready to receive it.
  • Who are your audience?
  • What time do they come home?
  • Determine the time for your audience


  • People who attend live webinars convert better than people who attend a recording
  • If you pre-record, do it with live audience
  • During your webinar, you don’t have to show your face
  • You can show lots of pictures during your seminar
  • You can show your face for a few seconds just to show people that you are there
  • You can setup a camera looking at you looking at the screen

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing is promoting someone else’s products and receiving commission for this based on sales.
  • You can’t sell the same product to your list over and over again
  • You have to sell other products that ail educate or help your customers
  • You can find affiliate on many networking events
  • Affiliate marketing is a great way to make additional sales
  • It is good if you already have some audience and credibility
  • If you have 500 potential people as your audience, almost anyone will be willing to sell their product on your webinar


  • You can continue working on your current product
  • Build an audience
  • Promote someone else on a webinar
  • Link to another product
  • You can also setup an affiliate page and explain how someone can become an affiliate for your product
  • From there, you want to get people on your affiliate email list
  • You can give prizes to people who hit a specific benchmarks
  • You can have one database for your affiliates
  • You can meet new people and record a short video about how much you liked their material and just text it to a person
  • When sending a video via iPhone, be sincere
  • You can stay in touch with people even if you don’t plan to sell something

How To Make It Simple For People To Become Your Affiliate

  • Why to be an affiliate
  • How to be an affiliate
  • What to do to become an affiliate
  • You can use paypal to process affiliate payments
  • Paypal does not provide tracking about who sold what
  • is a great resource for affiliate payment processing and tracking

How To Get Other People TO Promote Your For Free

  • Work with 5 “Gurus” for free
  • Get specific results
  • Ask them to promote you
  • Or you can turn it into a case study
  • Do stuff for free for people but don’t expect something in return from them


1. Traffic

  • Comes form the content you create from your blog, Youtube, Facebook
  • You have to content first
  • Some people connect with articles and some with videos
  • Be consistent with creating your content - writing or video
  • Create 1-3 articles or videos per week
  • Focus on what works for you
  • The focus on promotion

2. Leads

  • Create landing pages
  • Create opt-in forms
  • Webinar registration pages
  • You need emails of people to seek them stuff
  • Landing page -> opt-in -> webinar registration page

3. Sales

  • Once you get subscribers, you need to promote things
  • Sell a product, service, or a webinar


  • Focus on the basics and don’t complicate things
  • Focus on one goal
  • Example: one webinar every month
  • Mistake that people make - focus on selling rather than educating people
  • Educate people and give them value first
  • Invest in your customers before they invest in you

Daily Schedule Example

  • Send out a video on Monday
  • On Tuesday - announce a weimar that will be coming on Thursday. Link to the webinar registration page
  • On Thursday, send another reminder about the 6PM webinar
  • Entire next week - do a followup campaign

Final Words

  • “The opposite of focus is fear” - James Wedmore
  • Decide to get over the fear of rejection and get things done
  • Winning is something you have to train yourself to do
  • Figure out what works and make it happen
  • Keep things simple and take action over and over
  • Go with the fear and just take action

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