Best Time To Be Productive - Daily Energy Cycle

Posted on December 19th, 2012

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6AM-9AM - Energy hormones at maximum.

10AM-12PM - Most productive part of the day where memory and alertness are at their best.

12PM-2PM - Nap time.

3 to 4 PM - Mind body reorienting from outer world towards sleep. Inner world of nurturing, healing, and restoration.

5PM to 7PM - Healing period during which it is best if you return to a happy and supportive family.

8PM-10PM - Preparing for sleep and rejuvenation.

Around 10PM - Growth and healing.

12AM to 2AM - Growth hormone is released and the body begins to build and repair tissues. This is the healing part of the night.

3AM - 4AM - Alertness and memory. Core body temperature reaches lowest levels. Most human errors occur during this period of time - Pilots, taxi drivers, and truck drivers.


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